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What must it have been like...

...to experience at first hand the events of that prodigious morning
June 30, 1908?
Fortunately, we don’t have to guess...

click on links below for eyewitness accounts of the Tunguska Event.

The Russians
K. A. Kokorin, Kezhma
Kokoulin, Nizhne-Ilimsk
I. V. Kolmakov, Panovskoye
P. P. Kosolapov, Vanavara Trading Post
G. K. Kulesh, Head of the Kirensk Meteorological Station
S. Kulesh, north of Kirensk
T. N. Naumenko, Kezhma
N. N. Polyuzhinskii, Ilimsk Meteorological Station
N. Ponomaryov, Nizhne-Ilimsk
M. R. Romanov, Nizhne-Ilimsk
Ye. Ye. Sarychev, Kansk
Semyon Borisovich Semyonov, Vanavara Trading Post

The Evenki
Bushkov, Khatangsk (NEW!)
S. I. Chuchana, Strelka-Chunya Trading Post (NEW!)
Chunya Tribesmen, Stony Tunguska river basin
L. V. Dzhenkoul, Strelka-Chunya Trading Post (NEW!)
Nastya Dzhenkoul, Khushmo River (NEW!)
Shaman Vasilii Dzhenkoul, Shanyagir Clan
Akulina Lyuchetkana, Dilyushmo River (NEW!)

The Westerners
Captain Charles J. P. Cave, Petersfield, Hampshire, England
Professor Fowler, South Kensington, England
Holcombe Ingleby, Dormy House Club, Brancaster, England
G. J. Newbegin, E. W. Maunder, and H. P. Hollis, London

Professor L. Weber, Kiel University, Germany

Special: An Imaginative Reconstruction of the Tunguska Event

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